The HOOU project “Sonic Environments for Healing” is based on a “Healing Environments” pilot project, which ran during the academic year 2015-16. In this project we have addressed the question as to how interventions via interactive, generative music systems (i.e. sound installations) may contribute to the improvement of the atmosphere and thus to the well-being of patients in hospital waiting rooms. The project was conducted both by students of the music therapy and multimedia composition programs and has thus offered rare insights into the dynamic of such undertakings, covering both the therapeutic underpinnings as well as the technical means required to achieve a particular result. DJster, the engine we used for the generative processes is based on Clarence Barlow’s probabilistic algorithms. Combined with the proper periphery (sensors, sound modules and spatializers), we looked at different scenarios, each requiring specific musical and technological solutions.
The aim of our HOOU project is to help disseminate and spread the knowledge acquired, to produce and present various learning materials in the form of videos and texts, as well as to further research the possible home-applications.


Goran Lazarevic, project coordinator

University of Music and Drama Hamburg
Harvestehuder Weg 12
20148 Hamburg